In Get Visual, we recognise our social and environmental responsibility.

Our employees are our most important resource. Health and safety on the workplace have our highest priority, and we believe in a common responsibility to contribute to a healthy working environment.

We are conscious of protecting the environment in all communities, in which we operate. Therefore, we take actions to reduce our environmental and climate footprint and introduce sustainable alternatives.

We continuously strive to improve the conditions for our employees and our surroundings.

UN Global CompactTo emphasize our intensions of contributing to the community and to run our business in a responsible manner, we participate in the UN Global Compact. Thus, we have formulated our Code of Conduct committing our self to align our operations and strategies within ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

Code of Conduct

Human Rights

Get Visual supports and operates according to internationally recognised human rights, and expects our business partners to act correspondingly. We strongly reject child- and forced labour, and we recognise labour rights and diversity. Get Visual is committed to treating all personnel, subcontractors, and others in a non-discriminatory manner and with dignity and respect.

Compliance with Applicable Laws

Get Visual complies with local laws and regulations of the countries, in which we operate. Our Code of Conduct expresses our minimum standards, and we aim to raise the level.

Labour Rights

Get Visual’s employees are our most important resource. We constantly strive for offering a healthy working environment with mutual respect, and we expect the same from our business partners. We consider job satisfaction as a prerequisite for motivation and results.


Get Visual cares for the environment. We invest wisely and strive to minimise our energy consumption. We are conscious about the environmental and climate impact of our business and expect the same from our business partners.


Get Visual does not tolerate bribery or corruption in any form. We believe in fair solutions at fair prices, and we expect employees as well as business partners to operate within the same ethical principles.

Get Visual’s Code of Conduct

For further information about UN Global Compact and the ten principles, please, refer to unglobalcompact.com