Adrian Hinge

Adrian Hinge

Facilities & Logistics

+45 5060 6050

“If it is not there – we build it”

Primarily, Adrian is a skilled technician, but he is also the man with a keen sense of order and logistics, and he manages Get Visuals equipment in Copenhagen. Everything stands tight on the right shelves and he guarantees that the right parts will be on the right cars, as well as he likes to ride the wheel to ensure that the equipment will be on time.

Adrian possesses many talents. He loves to produce mind-blowing events with light and sound – both for customers and in his spare time. You will often meet him as a part of the team, when Get Visual produces your event, and if a new element is needed, he is the man to get it, even if he has to build it himself.

Adrian has the energy of youth that causes the light to light and the sound sounding at all times. It is also expressed when he entertains with the right soundtrack for both public and private events.

Adrian is ambitious and creative – a DNA – that fits perfectly into Get Visual when we create the surroundings for your event.