Anders Frederik Gjesing

Anders Frederik GjesingAnders Frederik Gjesing - Head of Relations & Communications

Head of Relations & Communications

+45 5060 6070

“Strong relationships and value creating dialogue”

Primarily, Anders is focusing on strong relationships. Consequently, he often is on the go and in tight dialogue with existing and potential customers. His most important task is to create value for you as a customer. In addition, he has the responsibility of Get Visual’s branding activities.

Anders quickly understands your needs and wishes. He has experience as a former customer of Get Visual, and he knows the challenges you can face arranging meetings of all kinds. It is therefore built on his own experiences, when he emphasizes his colleagues’ strong competencies and dedication, as well as their sense of quality in the final solution.

Anders holds an MSc in Political Science and has an Executive MBA from CBS. He has more than 20 years of working experience from the intersection between communication, relations, politics and management, amongst others, as a communications manager, public affairs manager and trusted advisor.

With genuine interest in you as a customer, Anders is part of Get Visual’s dedicated and committed team, constantly focusing on creating value for our customers through an extraordinary effort.