Jarl Christian Axel Hansen

Jarl Christian Axel Hansen

Jarl Christian Axel Hansen Get Visual A/SScenography & Branding

+45 5060 6011

“Visual communication must engage”

Jarl is one of our creatives. He is an extremely competent designer and strong within experience and graphic design. Qualifications, primarily of benefit to Get Visual’s customers in form of creative solutions within scenography and branding.

Jarl possesses a wide range of competencies, and he takes pride in delivering perfect solutions. Thus, he is always ready to make last-minutes-corrections to a PowerPoint so that it also works on large screens.

He is also on location participating in building up your event. He is a skilled craftsman with a keen eye for details, which ensures you a sharp and straight scenography.

Jarl holds an education within Visual Communication and Graphic Design from Danish School of Media and Journalism. His working experience is from many years as a freelance graphic designer and different jobs in the bureau industry.

He has worked for a wide range of customers, which has reflected in upscale prises, e.g. a gold medal in New York within Corporate Communication.

By nature, Jarl is curious and has great interest in both his surroundings and his profession. He constantly focuses on developing and maintaining his professionalism – also in his spare time, where he publishes books of various kinds.

Jarl’s holistic view and desire to make a difference for our customers make him a perfect match in the Get Visual team of dedicated specialist.