Michael Leslie Pryner

Michael Leslie Pryner

Project Management & Event Production

+45 5060 6090

“It’s often in the detail, you recognise the big difference”

Michael belongs to the most experienced project managers and meeting producers in the industry. With him taking lead of your meeting, you will get the best in class. He will go for a second mile to make sure everything succeed, and he finds it crucial that you as customer have the right options available to make your decisions.

His competences are rooted in planning and executing of meetings as a customer as well as a supplier. A career, which further has made him one of the most competent producers in the use of technical meeting solutions and participant involvement. In order to span the complete meeting spectra, he has added a certification as international Certified Meeting Professional (CMP).

No doubt, Michael knows how to arrange your meeting. He knows what will work on stage, and he always puts in new ideas. He is a creative soul, and he meets your challenges with different solutions – traditional as well as spectacular. An ability that may come from his passion for the magic world and creating illusions as an active magician.

Finding the difference in the details also applies to Michael in his spare time. Geocaching and his handheld GPS bring him around the world in his search of experiences – a hobby that puts his creativity and sense of problem solving to the test.

Michael’s powerful meeting skills combined with his perfectionistic approach to challenges makes him a perfect match to Get Visual’s dedicated team.