Sven-Gustav Thiesen

Sven-Gustav Thiesen

Sven-Gustav Thiesen Get Visual A/STechnician

+45 5060 6017

“Every item in its right place”

Sven-Gustav – or Sven – is part of the young team in Get Visual.

He is a technical ingenious and has a safe hand. He is also a handy man, when technical equipment need to be repaired or renewed. Additionally, he contributes with extra hands in several of our productions for our customers.

Sven has huge interest in all electronics, and his interest goes deeper than most. Thus, in his spare time he spends hours on rebuilding computers to suit new needs. He systemises and registers every part carefully to ensure that no item is misplaced.

Responsibility and order lies naturally for Sven. Combined with a well-developed quality awareness, he is a perfect match to Get Visual’s dedicated team.