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Meetings and conferences with participants across nationalities often are conducted in English. Most people do not consider this as a problem, but many will benefit from a translation into their mother tongue. However, when English is neither second nor third language, interpreting is a necessity.

Interpretation is possible from and to all languages. Get Visual offers a technical solution that makes it possible for everybody to understand your spoken message. It makes no difference whether it is 2 or 20 languages.

Simultaneous interpreting

Interpreting is transmittet via portable equipment
The participants tune the portable receiver to the channel transmitting the desired language.

You are welcome to bring your own interpreters, and leave the technological solution to us. However, we also cooperate with interpreting agencies, which is your guarantee for professional translations – regardless of language. They are specialised in conference interpretation and trained in doing it simultaneously.

For the vast majority of interpreting the participants are provided with a portable receiver tuned to the channel transmitting the desired language. The interpreters are physically present in the conference room sitting in ISO-approved interpreting booths. Their translations are transmitted directly to the respective receiver units.

Whispered interpreting

At small meetings or if a guest brings his/her own interpreter, whispered interpreting is a possibility. The interpreter sits next to or behind the participant and whispers the interpretation via portable equipment.

Distance interpreting

The communication technology also makes it possible to offer interpreting from the distance. Especially for narrow and exotic languages, it is an advantage. The interpreter for example stays either in his/her home country or in an interpreting booth in a special designed studio abroad. The translation is transmitted via the internet.

Get Visual’s team has more than 30 years’ experience within executing international meetings and conferences globally.

Interpreting at your next event

If you think of using interpreters at your next meeting, let us provide you a non-binding offer on a tailor made solution.

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