Virtual meetings

Virtual meetings – local or global audience

Virtual meetings are your opportunity to meet your clients, customers, investors, employees etc from all over the world across frontiers and time zones and without physical presence.

A virtual meeting has no limits for the number of participants. There are several platforms, such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Additionally, Get Visual offers our own platform, including possibility of a tailor-made website fitting your company’s visual identity. Which platform to choose depends on the size of your meeting.

Regardless of the platform, Get Visual provides high-quality camera and sound solutions. Thus, the participants get a meeting experience that is significant above the traditional video meeting on the computer or from a regular meeting room.

The virtual meeting is also a excellent complement to the physical meeting with limited space for attendance. If you need to divide the attendees at a physical meeting into several rooms, the virtual meeting makes it possible for participants in other rooms to follow the meeting. And if someone wants the floor, it is also possible from a lectern in the break out rooms.

Studios in Aarhus and Copenhagen

We offer permanent studios in Aarhus as well as Copenhagen suitable for your virtual meeting or webinar. We can also put up temporary studios on your location for either short-term use (a single meeting or day meetings) or long-term use, or even permanently.

Our studios can be adapted to your brand, and you need only to focus on the content of your meeting. The Get Visual team takes care of all practical details and the technical solution – also catering, if you fancy.

Is your next meeting an online meeting?

If you need some inspiration for a virtual meeting with branding of your company, we are ready to meet you – also virtually. We tailor a solution that suits your organisation and your needs.

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