Nicolai PPS Haagensen

Nicolai PPS Haagensen

Nicolai Haagensen Get Visual A/SCreative Director

+45 5060 6019

“Visual thinking enhances your communication”

Nicolai has an unerring sense of aesthetics combined with a practical and technical mind set. This means that when Nicolai develops designs and scenography, they are solutions that goes beyond the drawing board, are strong and works in real life. He excels both in solutions for small meetings, knowing that few visual effects can make the whole difference, and in most complicated solutions for e.g. large annual general meetings, congresses, and events.

As customer, you communicate with Nicolai throughout the whole process – from idea to delivery and the actual event. This ensures a continuous service, and that concept, expression and idea are coherent from start to finish. Additionally, Nicolai is a very skilled craftsman, and he does not hesitate to use his hands to ensure everything works in practice.

Nicolai has broad experience with experience, design, and visual communication – e.g. from being self-employed concept maker, illustrator and graphic designer of comic books, technical/scientific/trade journals, exhibits and more. Furthermore, Nicolai has worked for Tivoli’s development department. For five years, he worked with concept development and production management of several large construction projects, developing new rides and merchandize, and creating Tivoli’s signs and sign policy.

One of Nicolai’s greatest strengths is his inventiveness and his sense of audience experience. If you need inspiration, Nicolai gladly offers a non-binding suggestion on how your next event could go on.