Thomas Nørdam Andersen

Thomas Nørdam Andersen

Thomas Nørdam Andersen - Streaming & New Media specialist - Get Visual A/SStreaming & New Media Specialist

+45 5060 6030

“Every pixel in its right place”

Thomas is the anchor in Get Visual’s streaming and New Media solutions. He often finds new solutions adding extra value to our customers’ webcasts.

Thomas has been in the industry since 1998, and has a very versatile background: Electronic technician, art photographer and first part of the photojournalist education from the Danish School of Media and Journalism.

He has extensive experience with the graphic elements for presentations, from graphs, illustrations to figures, pictures, and sound for event communication.

Thomas has a perfectionistic approach to all tasks, and he possesses a great deal of stubbornness when it comes to finding optimal solutions. A personality, which is an asset to both customers and colleagues.

As customer, you will meet Thomas at Get Visual’s large productions, and when his particular graphic or photography expertise is needed.